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Festival Director

Farrah NuraniI want to start by saying thank you. The journey that is SAMOSA is one that began eight years ago. Many, many people have come on board, contributed, supported, encouraged and believed in the messaging and ethos of SAMOSA since its inception. This has resulted in SAMOSA growing exponentially, and at a pace that has been thrilling and challenging to keep up with.

This is a testament of the authenticity of what SAMOSA represents; and of the generosity of spirit, optimism and open heartedness of human nature. So thank you, friends, partners, colleagues, participants, artists, crew members, support staff, performers and members of our audiences.

This year. we have been especially successful in encouraging our partners to come on board to assume custodianship of the Festival. Every partner who has come on board displays excellence in a certain niche within their industry.
Partner roles have been customised to facilitate a level of engagement within which each partner has been comfortable to contribute. This has resulted in some exceptional support which has grown the Festival to a degree which was not anticipated.

The endorsements the Festival received from the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC), for yet another time, and from the Ministry of State for National Heritage and Culture has been encouraging and humbling. It has given us, the volunteers, an enhanced sense of legitimacy and strength to drive the Festival's messaging more vociferously through its programmes and outreach initiatives.

Welcome to the 2014 edition of SAMOSA Festival - we hope you will enjoy experiencing Culture, Music and Art In their most vibrant, exciting, expansive and enlightening forms.

Thank you. for making SAMOSA Festival 2014 Happen!

Farrah Nurani
SAMOSA Festival Director 2012