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5 Over Inter-community Cricket Tournament

For centuries, sports fields around the world have been bringing together players from different races, genders, ages and classes. Sporting events are participatory and SAMOSA uses sports as a powerful tool to bring about inclusiveness, confidence, leadership and co-operation.

Sporting activities have also helped to bridge ethnic and cultural divides, promote social integration and foster tolerance. Sport teaches the value of effort and how to manage victory, as well as defeat. When the convening powers of sports are emphasised, sport becomes a powerful vehicle through which the SAMOSA message can be actualised.

The SAMOSA 2012 Sports program will focus on bringing people of all backgrounds together on the playing field to celebrate one of society's most important activity - Play!
Teams will be comprised of SAMOSA Crew members, Kenya Cricket Association members, school children from diverse backgrounds, SAMOSA Partners and members of the public.