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Sidi Goma

The Sidi Goma are the epitome of a multicultural and pluralistic community who have integrated and blended their African Roots with their Indian Heritage and embraced the Sufi Tradition as their spiritual practice.

This is a community whose ancestors were Africans and who emigrated from Africa about 400 years ago. They now reside in Bhavnagar, India and have assimilated into Indian society; they speak the local language but retain their identity and longing for Africa as their cradle of existence.

When one of Kenya's most popular television stations recently produced a series of prime time documentaries on the Sidis, the response from both the public and the media, was extremely positive, and generated a lot of curiosity about the 'Africans in India'. In fact, the 2012 CNN Journalist of the Year Award went to Tom Mboya from Citizen TV for the documentary produced on the Sidi Goma.