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2016 Team

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Ubax Abdi

Deputy Festival Director

Team Member

Stefania Tranfo

An Advocacy Practitioner in the field of Forced Migration and human rights. She has been involved with SAMOSA Festival since 2012 as the Communication Coordinator. She values SAMOSA Festival for the central role that it is given to the community.

Team Member

Narissa Allibhai

A creative, speaker and writer. Works for International Rivers as the East Africa Program Coordinator. Blogger on Passionate about social justice, environment and positivity. Tweets from @NarissaAllibhai. Let's create a new and inclusive world based on love and true happiness.

Team Member

John Mukeni Namai

Acted with National Theatre of Kenya moving into Participatory Storytelling 11 years ago. His audiences are diverse and his work addresses a wide variety of issues. John performs with children in hospitals, youth in rehabilitation centres and entire communities. Finally John has lead exchange programs with international organisations of arts and culture, primarily between Kenya and Denmark since 2013. “I believe the shortest distance to reach people is through story and in samosa Festival we are going to relieve and inspire positive encounters between communities through sharing our stories” John says.

Team Member

Sadia Ibrahim

Been in the media and entertainment industry for over 7 years, and is also a marketing consultant. Sadia is a Kenyan-Asian and is patriotic & passionate about her country and has been part of SAMOSA Festival since 2012, as it resonates with her thoughts and feelings. She believes through Art and Music we can bring everyone together and create unity.

Team Member

Reema Doshi

Reema is a lead singer in an alternative rock band called Murfy's flaw. Her passions lie in singing, dancing and is a trained classical Indian dancer. Having conquered Mt. Kenya, Lenana peak and almost reaching the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, she loves hiking, scuba diving, bungee jumping and other such adventures across the globe. You can otherwise find her heading the PR & Marketing department at Kingsway Tyres.